Five Exciting Exercises You Can Enjoy From Home

If you’re sick of dragging yourself to the gym or are currently shut-in under a COVID quarantine, you don’t have to leave the house to exercise. If your favorite pastimes are on hiatus, and you’re looking for something exciting to do at home, here’s a list of the top five fun-fuelled activities you can do within your own four walls.


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Develop Your Basketball Skills

You don’t have to leave your couch to develop your basketball skills. There are many handy YouTube videos for practicing basketball that allow you to build your skills by practicing reps on the sofa or setting you or your family more active challenges for shooting some hoops. If you don’t trust yourself not to break something inside, why not try this ninja basketball workout in your garden to keep on your toes. If you don’t fancy participating, why not set yourself up on your couch, crack open a beverage and check out the Best NBA DFS Advice Site while watching your family and friends hone their skills.

Table Tennis

You don’t even need a real table tennis table to get good at this sport. Simply put up a homemade net on your table, adapt some paddles (a chopping board could work), and a ball. Check out these ping pong table ideas if you want to set up something a little more permanent, and why not attend a virtual ping pong party for a sport you can enjoy with a cocktail in hand (maybe not at the same time you’re playing).

Home Workout 

It’s not the same as seeing something on Broadway, but a home workout video still holds some entertainment value. Again, Youtube is the place to go for the best home workout videos, or you could even record one of your own and get the whole house involved. If you’re looking for equipment that’s a little bit closer to what you usually have at the gym, why not purchase some home gym equipment or weights so you can still enjoy a full workout at home.

Online Classes

The world of digital exercise is booming, from apps where you can enjoy online yoga to online spin classes. Many of the classes you used to leave the house to enjoy can still be completed within your own four walls. Dance classes, Zumba, boxercise, and circuit training can be enjoyed with access to a WiFi connection and an online teacher.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers can still energize you from home. Invest in an online personal trainer to keep your motivation and fitness levels high. If you’re feeling your diet go out of the window, why not look for a nutritionist too. Many PTs offer different packages, including mental and physical health and dietary education and information.

So there’s no excuse for not exercising from home, whether you’re practicing your basketball skills, enjoying a table tennis party, or investing in some online classes on YouTube, with a teacher or a personal trainer. There are many ways to enjoy exercise from the comfort of your couch, apartment floor, or yard.


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