Fall BBQ Ideas This Season

Everyone loves a BBQ. A BBQ is a tradition for many whether it’s for the summer months or an event. Getting everyone together, cooking outside, sharing meals and eating with gusto is the whole point of a BBQ. Whether you do it on the beach in the summer or the backyard in the Fall, a BBQ is going to be the center of all your best memories. A backyard BBQ in the Fall is the perfect way to host a Bonfire night, or even add food to a Halloween party.


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From seafood and meats to sparklers and fire pits, BBQs in the Fall are all about crisp and cold nights with crackly fires. You can hear it, right? Below, we’ve put together a list of ideas to include in your BBQ while you’re planning it this Fall.

  1. Choosing the right fish. It’s traditional to think of hotdogs and burgers when you are running a backyard BBQ, but it’s not the only thing you could be serving up. Seafood is very popular on backyard BBQ menus, and salmon is especially a fish that’ll bake beautifully in foil and sauce on the BBQ. Salmon won’t fall in between the grills of the barbecue, making it an ideal option and you can get that fresh taste even in the Fall.
  2. Steaks all day long. If you have tables and cutlery in the backyard that you can use, grilling up some steaks is the best thing that you can serve. If you don’t want to go ahead and serve up a New York strip steak for use with cutlery, why not BBQ some slices and serve in wraps? You could set up a variety of sauces and salads to make the steaks pop and give your guests some choice.
  3. Veggies. No BBQ will be complete without a platter of grilled veggies. You can skewer them and add to meat for kebabs, or you can BBQ some corn and finish it with a tab of butter. Don’t forget the vegetarians among your guests, either, and make sure that you talk to your friends to serve up delicious veggie burgers.
  4. Drinks. From black raspberry hard seltzer to soft drinks, your BBQ can be customized to the season. These Fall cocktails are a prime example of how you can branch out for the season and not be stuck with the fruity summer versions all the time. Check in with your guests as to the drinks they may like and make sure that you serve a balanced selection of hot, cold, alcoholic and soft drinks.
  5. Don’t forget your sides! Every BBQ – summer or Fall – needs side orders. Garlic flatbreads and dips, coleslaw, potato salads, actual salads – it’s all up for grabs. Your sides are going to support the meat choices you make (or veggie choices), so have a range. And don’t forget your sauces and dips – these all contribute to the overall experience of your backyard BBQ and your guests will thank you for it.

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Eric Andrews-Katz

Eric Andrews-Katz

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