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Around The World / TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival

October 13, 2017 @ 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Around The World / TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival

Total running time: 94 min.

Transport yourself into places and stories you might never know otherwise. Don’t just lend your neighbor some sugar… share this sweet treat together.

MEDULLA OBLONGATA Roberto Nascimento; 2017; New Zealand; 8 min.
Abraham Naim (aka drag queen Medulla Oblongata) stylishly recounts his journey from oppression in the Maldives to refuge in New Zealand.

ARRIVEDERCI ROSA Flaminia Graziadei; 2015; Italy; 17 min.; in Italian with English subtitles
When her outgoing best friend Rosa comes to visit, shy Andi learns how to take life as it comes.

DEAR ARMEN: THE FINAL MONOLOGUE Kamee Abrahamian & Lee Williams Boudakian; 2015; Armenia; 6 min.
Culture, identity, and history fight for dominance in this finale to a multidisciplinary performance piece marking the centennial of the Armenian genocide.

OF ORIGINS, PART 1: HANNAH Irit Reinheimer; 2016; USA; 9 min.
A romance undone by the Nazis can be honored across time and space through photographs.

POSSIBILITIES (SHAKYATA) Anindya Shankar Das; 2016; India; 20 min.; in English and Marathi with English subtitles
Married father Vishnu is keeping a secret. How long can he remain in the closet?

PRIA Yudho Aditya; 2016; Indonesia; 20 min.; in Indonesian with English subtitles
On the eve of his arranged marriage, Pria must confront his sexuality.

LITTLE POTATO Wes Hurley; 2017; USA; 14 min.
In this award-winning short, Wes Hurley (CAPITOL HILL, WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL) and his mother discuss their journey from Russia to Seattle—and the incredible situation waiting at its end.