Euan Morton Talks Hedwig, Touring And Boy George

Euan Morton won critical acclaim multiple awards for his portrayal of Boy George in “Taboo” on Broadway.  This is his first touring gig so make sure to stop in and welcome him to Seattle. Morton plays Hedwig in the Broadway Across America “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” tour. He steps into shoes previous occupied by Taye Diggs, Darren Criss and Neil Patrick Harris. Hedwig’s story traverses the oppression of East Berlin all the way to gigs at the local Sizzler. Botched surgeries, failed relationships, romance and drama abound but the music goes on. This is an epic performance you won’t want to miss. “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” are playing in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre through December 18th. Get tickets here.

Eaun Morton took some time from rehearsals and travel to speak with us about Hedwig, Taboo, dieting and tucking. Check it out below.

Earle Dutton: How hard is it to take up the wig worn by so many amazing talents on Broadway and take it on the road?
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Seattle 2Eaun Morton: It is definitely a new experience for me. I have never toured before so that alone is different. It is difficult. It is a unique experience. You really have to maintain confidence in your own work. Knowing that you have a good team around you counts for a lot. I think the show is so good that it really sells itself now. All of the talents have been amazing but Hedwig has really made a name for herself.

ED: What has been the most challenging part to you in stepping into Hedwig’s shoes?
EM: I think it is physically very challenging. Your body takes a lot of punishment for this part. I think the choreography is a bit challenging for me as well. I am not really good at that part. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I probably push myself a little harder in that department. It is also challenging on the vocal cords and the throat. There are a lot of songs. They range all over the spectrum. I think the travel will become a bit of a challenge. Working eight shows a week and then jumping on a plane to a different city is a lot of work.

ED: What is your favorite part so far?
EM: I love singing the song, “Origin of Love”. It is kind of why she is telling the whole tale. I love the relationship between her and Tommy. You get to see their vulnerabilities. As an actor, I love to see the broken bits of the characters. Maybe that is because I can relate to those parts the easiest.

ED: Do you think playing Boy George in “Taboo” helped prepare you for this total gender bending transformation into Hedwig?
EM: I think in many way yes. I actually thought I would be more prepared than I am. The body doesn’t really remember what it is like to put all of this makeup one. All it takes to attach the wigs. She wears three swigs at a time on occasion, thanks for theater magic. As Boy George there were lots of wild clothes but nothing tight fitting. They were all baggy and flowing. Hedwig’s clothes are much more figure hugging and even confrontational. Oh, and there are a lot less of them (laughter).

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Seattle 3ED: Are you nervous about the skimpy outfits?
EM: No, not really much anymore. After weeks of rehearsals and fittings, I have accepted my fate (laughter). I think I was really nervous about what they call the “Hedwig Diet”. Many of the previous Hedwigs have fallen into a certain sort of eating pattern. I am a human being .I don’t have abs and I am not skinny. I am approaching it from a different place. I don’t want to give up eating cake. I love cake!

ED: How many drag queens did it take to teach you how to tuck?
EM: Well actually, I am not tucking at all. It doesn’t matter. You can’t see! I only have three inches anyway (laughter).

ED: How are you going to select your audience victim for your “Sugar Daddy” scenes?
EM: I am going to be an equal opportunity abuser. I will probably go fifty percent women and fifty percent men. I am going to try to pick people who seem to look grossly horrified (laughter). I would like to challenge them. There is also the part where Hedwig gets to leap off the stage and make out with a stranger. That is a more difficult challenge because I like beauty. If there is no one beautiful in the front row, I will be climbing over them to get to the second row (laughter).

ED: Is there a dream role you would love to get that you haven’t played yet?
EM: If you had asked me a couple of years ago it probably would have been Iago in “Othello” because my training was in classical theater. I am at a point in my life now where I am just not sure what the future holds for me.

Broadway Across America presents Euan Morton in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the Paramount Theatre through December 18th. Get tickets and check out the rest of there lineup here.




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