Calum Scott Released Video For “What I Miss Most”

Calum Scott released his newest video for “What I Miss Most” this morning. Filmed in London and directed by Ozzie Pullin. Says Calum, “This song is all about nostalgia and missing ‘home,’ for me that’s Hull!”

The video leads you through a lovely story from youth through retirement. Most people will recognize something about their journey in this story. Scott’s voice is really strong and shines through the entire song.

Calum Scott is joined by Leona Lewis to perform “You Are The Reason” live on Good Morning America on June 6th. Schedule your DVRs now…. Check out the video below.

More About Calum Scott

Recorded with such producers as Fraser T Smith (Adele, Ellie Goulding), Jayson DeZuzio (Skylar Grey, Imagine Dragons) and Oscar Görres (Taylor Swift, Britney Spears), Only Human showcases Calum’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. With his delicate storytelling, he examines unrequited longing on tracks like the aching piano ballad “Hotel Room.” “Only You” blends graceful beats with lyrics that capture adolescent isolation (“So they bullied me with silence/Just for being who I am”), then pay tribute to a beloved friend who brought him solace. “To me, Only Human means being okay with how you feel,” says Scott. “My hope is that these songs encourage people to embrace who they are, so that there’s a little less fear in the world and a lot more love.”

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