Businesses- Show How Much You Care About Diversity

Does your business care about diversity? It’s no longer enough for businesses to be able to turn a profit today. Consumers expect more. They expect the companies that they do business with to have a strong sense of Corporate Social responsibility. But that goes deeper than just adding a multicolored glaze to your corporate logo at pride month. Many companies have been accused of “pinkwashing” as soon as they realized that catering to the LGBTQ community was both lucrative and good for PR. A commitment to diversity is more than just a marketing gimmick. It’s about showing that you value all voices, and want to demonstrate your willingness to fly the flag for a higher standard of commerce.

And that needs to be ingrained in every aspect of your operations. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which businesses can show how much they care about diversity and inclusion…


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Cater to religious minorities

Inclusion is all about eliminating barriers. And in some cases, you may be unaware of the barriers that separate consumers from your products / services. For instance, if you work within the food and drink space, you may have ingredients in your products that make them inaccessible to religious minorities like Muslims and Jews. Getting your products certified by the American Halal Foundation not only shows you care, it can open up a whole new market for you. Timing products and promotions in line with dates of special religious significance can also help to demonstrate your commitment to celebrating cultural and religious diversity.

Invest in sensitivity training for your employees

Ignorance is the cause of many a social injustice. Often, people say and do hurtful things not because they’re bad people but because they simply lack education. A careless word spoken under your roof can create discord in your workforce and potentially prove a black eye for your brand. Which is why many businesses invest in awareness and sensitivity training for their employees. Not only does it help to create a more cohesive workplace, it can also help your team to better cater to the needs, frustrations and anxieties of a broad range of customers.

Ensure that every member of your team has a path to achieve their career dreams

Equality of opportunity is fundamental to a business that celebrates diversity and values inclusion. So make sure that each and every member of your team has the opportunity to achieve their career dreams under your roof. Every member of your team should have access to a course of continuous professional development that’s directly tied to their ambitions. It should give them the training, skills and qualifications that they need to not only do their job as well as possible but excel in their careers beyond their current job. You may also want to implement an employee recognition platform to show that you value and celebrate the achievements and endeavor of each and every member of your team regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability.

The more you invest in every employee the more you minimize your risk of talent flight.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton is the Chief Blogger and Editor of He founded in 2013 to provide information about LGBTQ friendly events of interest, and to support LGBTQ entertainers and supportive artists who visit our community. Earle is a successful businessman in the Pacific Northwest with a long history of support for and involvement in, the Northwest LGBTQ community. His personal interests include: music, theater, pets, culinary arts and technology.

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