Avoiding Discrimination When Applying for Jobs

Wouldn’t you like to start avoiding discrimination? The world is rife with stories of discrimination in the workplace. It seems not everyone is immune and this type of workplace bullying happens at every level and in every industry. With calls to cut discrimination in all areas of work-life and private life, employers are being urged to leave any preconceived ideas about job applicants outside of the interview room. Allowing prospective employees to be judged on experience, merit and suitability for the job role is essential to ensure everyone is given a fair chance when applying for job roles.

Avoiding Discrimination

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How can you, when applying for a job, avoid any type of discrimination?

Social Media

Many employers have turned to checking out potential interviewees social media accounts. For those who deem the applicant to be not suitable from what they publically share, the discrimination will have already started before you are even aware. You will not appeal to everyone, nor should you make yourself tick someone else boxes. However, if you are concerned that your online presence gives off the wrong kind of vibe for a job you are desperate for or have been working towards, it may be worth your while changing your privacy settings or editing what you share should you feel this is essential.

If your online life is used in an interview and has no bearing or relation to the job in which you are applying for, then it may be that you are facing discrimination due to your online activity.


Faking it on your CV could land you in hot water. Lying or simply stretching the truth about experience, qualifications or qualities about yourself will be easily exposed during a face to face interview. Alternatively, including too much about your previous history, work experience and any criminal convictions could lead to discrimination and place you in the unemployable pile. Check to see if you can use an order or non-disclosure when it comes to spent criminal convictions or misdemeanours from your youth.

Chances are if your application and accompanying CV doesn’t get you an interview you may never know if it was because of this you have been discriminated against. It could be worth checking in with the company to see if they can give you feedback or a reason you weren’t selected for an interview especially if you have suitable qualifications and experience for the role.

Interview Discrimination

Unfortunately, at times, many people experience discrimination at job interviews. This could be for a manner of reasons, many of which will have no bearing on your ability to do the job you are applying for or even your performance during the interview itself. Identifying and correctly exposing discrimination against yourself during a job interview can be hard to prove.

Brushing up on your knowledge when it comes to shining a light on interview discrimination is vital to help you pursue any claims of such occurrences. Questions such as

  • Do you have plans to start a family?
  • Where are you from?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you rent or own your home?

are actually normal-sounding questions but illegal to use in an interview and can build a case for discrimination.

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