Ariana And The Rose Unleashes <em>How Does That Make You Feel</em>

Ariana And The Rose eloquently poses the question of “How Does That Make You Feel.” You experience the emotion, guilt, triumph, yearning and loss of a relationship. She has an alluring voice and a beautifully barbed tongue. In the end, you will know how you should feel.

Ariana explains: “This video feels particularly special as it’s my first time directing. I wanted to explore the idea that a woman can be multidimensional; empowered, sexy, eerie and twisted all at once. It only felt right that a song about owning who you are and your sexuality have a visual created with the same intention. I hope the video inspires whoever is watching to explore their many sides and feel free to let those sides be seen.”

“How Does That Make You Feel” is the latest marvel from Ariana And The Rose’s debut EP “Retrograde” which has already given us “Love You Lately” and “Supercool.” “How Does That Make You Feel” features Ariana’s wispy falsetto, underpinned by massive percussion, atmospheric synths, and modulated vocal harmonies.

More About Ariana And The Rose:

An artist who embraces an audio-visual approach to creativity, Ariana has curated an interactive performance and music event called Light + Space, a performance that transcends the traditional boundaries of a concert. By blurring the lines between immersive performance and the audience, Ariana brings “theatre and fantasy to the dance floors of London, and is creating much more than a music, she’s hoping to stir up a community (Notion Magazine) Already a big hit in the UK, future Light + Space events are planned in New York and London for November 2017.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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