Andrew J. Duffer’s “Do It For Cher” Will Have You Grinning Like An Opossum

Do It For Cher - Andrew Joseph Duffer

Do It For Cher – Andrew Joseph Duffer

Andrew Joseph Duffer says “Do It For Cher!” He is back walking his runway and Spilling The Tea! This guy has got it going on. He is intelligent, well spoken, cute and talented.

Duffer knows the Bible better than most of the people who have screamed it at me and held up those awful signs during Mardi Gras and Pride. One of his many great points is that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality but had profound thoughts and words on divorce…. letting that sink in for a moment.

Andrew Joseph Duffer not so subtly points out that Jesus could not have been ivory (read pasty) white. He was born into a land of Brown and Black people. Wouldn’t it have been very odd for him to be melanin challenged? Think on it.

Also, what sort of planet are we leaving behind for Cher? We all know she is immortal. We need to be better at this people.


If this video made you “grinning like an opossum at a trash can” then you need to check out more. If you are interested in his last video click here.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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