Amanda Bearse Talks Seattle Film Institute and “Skirtchasers”

Amanda Bearse took some time during the Seattle Film Institute‘s open house this weekend to speak with You probably remember Amanda from “Married with Children” and “Fright Night”. She is a quintessential member of the LGBT community and also a very successful director as well. Since moving to Seattle, she has finished a degree at Antioch University, started teaching acting at SFI, and directed a new webseries “Skirtchasers“, among many other things. We spoke about her life, plans, projects, working with Meredith Baxter and lots more.

Amanda Bearse interview with Equality365

Thanks for the photo Gail Benzler

We really need to thank Gail and Steve of the Seattle Film Institute for helping make this video happen. Seattle Film Institute is a worldwide leader and accredited school educating future filmmakers, producers and actors. I had a great time touring the school, learning about their programs and seeing the large number of attendees interested in the future of the film industry. The teachers and support staff were very generous with their time and abilities. I could not have made this video without them.

Check out the video and watch for many more fun things in 2016. Equality365 has some amazing interviews, reviews and generally fun things coming up to entertain you.

If you would like to check out the new “Skirtchasers” trailer watch it here. If you have an interest in the film industry, make sure you check out the Seattle Film Institute. Who wouldn’t want Amanda Bearse as a teacher?!?!

Keep up with Amanda Bearse!

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Earle Dutton is the Chief Blogger and Editor of He is a longtime business owner in the Seattle LGBTQ community. Some of Earle's interest include: music; theater; pets; culinary arts and technology. Earle founded in 2013. It has been a wonderful and educating experience. Thanks for reading Please visit often.

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