Addressing The Biggest Challenge The Education System Has Ever Faced

No-one is going through this pandemic unaffected. Even those whose lives seem to be only nominally disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis are part of a larger community and country that is much more deeply affected. However, few feel those effects quite as deeply as teachers and the education sector. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the major challenges facing them and what potential solutions teachers are reaching for.

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Teaching fatigue

The only thing that has been constant in the world of education during the coronavirus pandemic is change. A lot of industries have had to adapt, but few have to do it so often as teachers and schools. This is starting to lead to a major rise in fatigue, as shown by Teach for America. Teachers are dealing with more stress and a greater risk of burnout than ever before. What’s more, their struggle is being publicized as the moment without truly being addressed, making the field of work a lot less appealing to those who might otherwise think of joining.

The danger of the classroom

It is not hyperbolic to say that, in many places, teachers have effectively been put up as sacrifices for the needs of the many. A lot of parents rely on the school not just for education but as a source of childcare, helping take care of their kids while they are at work. However, this places much greater risk of catching the coronavirus on teachers, a threat that union leaders such as Naomi Soldon. While the question of what parents should do does need to be addressed, the more immediate threat is the one facing our teachers, and supporting their unions can help them advocate for their own bodily safety.

The need for ongoing support

Simply put, the burden on teachers right now is larger than it has ever been with parents and other invested parties not able to contribute their usual level of energy and resources due to restrictions in place. When it comes to deal with mental health, helping marginalized students, and otherwise, then teachers need more active support from community organizations. For instance, helping to connect them to online resources they might not know about can allow them to more efficiently focus their energies on teaching.

The challenges of e-learning

E-learning has long been thought to be the future of teaching, but the sudden mass adoption of online learning has given rise to a few specific challenges. For instance, the reliance on forms of education known to be less effective, such as delivering packets of learning materials for more self-guided learning, is souring many on the practice as a whole. As such, it’s up to parents, as well as teachers, to help promote e-learning methods that are better adapted to the platform., as demonstrated by Karina Sakanaka

The healthy development of our children depends on education, but the entire education sector is in crisis at the moment. Get to know the issue so you can support your local teachers’ unions and help them navigate this crisis.

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