How COVID-19 Is Making Us Think Differently About The World We Live In

COVID-19 photo courtesy of UnSplash

COVID-19 photo courtesy of UnSplash

Society has always been packed full of people that take life – and the way we do things – for granted. With how things are these days, it has become even easier to adopt this lazy and ungrateful way of behaving – we have so much going for us, and life in the western world is very convenient for the masses. This pandemic has decided to rear its ugly face, however, and it has certainly changed a few things for people.

We obviously have to change up the way we live and the way we behave in many areas, but it has also made a lot of people think differently. Here’s how human beings all over the world have been affected in terms of the way they view this world we inhabit:

We’ve Been Provided With A New Perspective

In terms of life in general, we’ve all been given a wakeup call in many ways. It’s not a problem that we became used to the way we lived life as we’re all creatures of habit. Society as a whole had a way of operating, and it was as though this particular way was the only way – because it was all most of us knew. Things being shaken up, people rushing to stock up on goods, the idea of being caged inside like prisoners – these all made us realize that things can be modified very quickly.

Money Is More Important Than Ever

Yes, there have been careful, considerate, and downright frugal people since an economic system was first brought into society, but that way of behaving has become a little more popular since the pandemic came into play. Jobs are evaporating, prices for certain things are rising, and people just don’t know how to behave financially in this crazy time. There will always be people that are wasteful with their money, but so many are now seeing it for the scarce product it actually is.

Eyes Are Being Opened To Certain Agendas

This pandemic has brought many things into question. People are wondering about the motives for everything – including the origin of COVID itself. There have, of course, always been individuals and groups out there that have been very skeptical regarding nefarious and questionable establishments. You just have to look at the likes of DTSS on fraud of the constitution(s) and various other instances. Many people have been even more skeptical since the inception of the virus.

We’re Not Taking Most Things For Granted As Much

Things like nights out with friends and the ability to simply attend our favorite places have been almost completely cut off. Sure, a lot of restrictions have been lifted for the time being, but there are still limited things we can do – and it hasn’t been received well by the majority.

We’re Questioning Our Mortality A Little More 

This has come from the younger generations, as you’d expect. Younger, healthy people tend not to really think about the fact that they aren’t going to live forever. This pandemic era has certainly accelerated that way of thinking, though.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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