3 Steps to Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work

In this age of FaceTime, social media, and texting, it would seem that having a long-distance relationship could be easier than ever before. Not to mention that through the world wide web and dating apps, there is an increased likelihood of meeting someone who doesn’t live close by. Being able to be in touch pretty much instantly, wherever in the world you live because of technology definitely is a blessing. However,technology can’t make up for all of it. Not being physically close can take a strain, as well as making it an emotionally tough journey.

The good news is that there are some specific things to do and to consider that can help to improve your chances of having a healthy and lasting long-distance love. So here are some things to keep in mind.

3 Steps to Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work

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Check that your end goals are similar 
There is research to suggest that for the majority of long-distance relationships, they are generally more satisfying than they are stressful, when a relationship is seen as being temporary. This makes a lot of sense, as it is going to be more enjoyable knowing that being together is in sight, rather than something that seems endless. But in order for this to be the case for you, you need to make sure that you are your long-distance love have the same end goals in mind. If one of you only sees it as a bit of fun, and the other sees it as leading to marriage, then it will be a situation filled with stress. It is best to keep talking about when you’ll next see each other again, and to keep talking about the expectations that each of you have on what will happen the next time you have to be apart.

Reframe the situation as a positive
There are a number of positives that can come from a long-distance relationship. You can appreciate your time together so much more after being apart, and give you some real quality time together. You can have time to really talk properly when you’re apart, which is a great foundation for any relationship. One of you may be also able to move to somewhere new, which can be a massively positive thing. You can learn more about family-sponsored green cards and visas online, but it could be worth considering if things are getting pretty serious. When you can reframe the situation, then it makes it more likely to bring some hope to your situation and an element of control, which can help you to get through it, and grow together in a positive way.

Trust is vital
Trust is key in any relationship, but particularly vital in a long-distance relationship when you have to take someone’s word for what they are doing or who they are with; you can’t physically check on them. The work to be able to build, and to keep trust, is something that goes two ways for both partners. You need to earn trust, but also have trust in your partner. If the trust goes, or there isn’t any in the first place, then the relationship is likely to fizzle out.


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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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