LGBTQ TV Couples We Don’t Talk About Enough

LGBTQ TV Couples

A few thoughts on LGBTQ TV Couples. Every so often, it is good to do a little reflection. We know that TV has come along massively in recent years in favor of LGBTQ. We’ve seen real progress in representation to the point where most major shows have a nod or a wink towards the movement.

But sometimes we forget to celebrate the wins. We’re always focusing on the next milestone.

Here are some of our favorite LGBTQ couples we don’t talk about enough on the small screen.

South Of Nowhere: Spencer And Ashley
Spencer’s story is a tragic one. Her life is almost ripped asunder because of her sexuality. Fortunately, though, she finds a woman who would later become her soul mate – Ashley – who helps her process the fact that her mother doesn’t want a gay daughter. What’s more, Ashley gets her to see that there is some good in everyone. It’s a heart-warming story and a hot romance.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power: Catra And Adora
You would think that people would have more to say about a gay kiss between two women on a kid’s TV show, but the world largely remained silent. Catra and Adora’s embrace was the first of its kind to air on national TV, but it passed the world by with nary a whimper. What’s going on here? Why wouldn’t people have more to say about these two green-skinned, long-eared women showing their affection for each other? They saved the world, for goodness sake.

Shameless: Mickey And Ian
It’s only a matter of time before one of these men gets a restraining order against the other. But until that happens, we can enjoy this whirlwind romance on Shameless – a show with a particularly poignant name.

Ian is the top dog in the relationship. He pulls all the strings. But he’s not an ego-maniac or even a bad guy. Sometimes he can be kind, sensitive, and gentle. Mickey is the toughest guy in the show. But he seems to appreciate Ian’s approach. You get the impression that the relationship is very different on the inside compared to the outside.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow And Tara
Remember Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy’s cute side-kick? It turns out that she was exploring her sexuality as far back as the 1990s with character Tara. Unfortunately, the relationship got killed off, but it was an interesting experiment from a very different time. Both characters had their storylines outside their lead roles. But the screenwriters also managed to create several scenes where it was clear that their relationship extended way beyond friends. And we mean, WAY beyond.

Skins: Emily And Naomi
If Skins didn’t feature an LGBTQ relationship of one kind or another, we’d be surprised, to say the least. The edgy drama explores the frontiers of our social world.

The relationship between the characters Emily and Naomi is a rough ride. But eventually, Emily learns to accept her sexuality. Finally, her barriers break down, and she admits that she’s in love with her long-time friend.

You might also be interested in the overused BYG (bury your gays) Trope. Why do we kill of so many LGBTQ characters on the large and small screens.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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