Interview: “Working Girl” Cyndi Lauper Returns With Rod Stewart

The legendary Rod Stewart has invited the iconic Cyndi Lauper to again join him as the tour’s special guest, following the incredible success and rave reviews for their 2017 summer tour. You can’t beat a musical combination like this one! These two are music royalty. I mean he is even knighted…

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper have been awarded nearly every industry award and honor for their incomparable catalog of hits and activism, among them multiple Grammys, American Music Awards and VMA’s, plus two inductions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the ASCAP Founders Award for songwriting, and a knighthood for Stewart; and an Emmy and Tony Award for Lauper.

Lauper took some time off to tell us about the tour, upcoming work, her True Colors Fund and a lot more. Check out our interview below!

Earle Dutton (ED): How is the tour going so far?
Cyndi Lauper (CL): I am having a great time. The audiences have been great. It’s been fun. Just performed at MSG a few weeks ago in NYC, so it’s always fun to have the time to catch up with family and friends and have them come to the show. Now we are gearing up to head out West for more shows. I just can’t wait!

ED: How did your tour with Rod Stewart originally come about?
CL: Rod and I shared a stage once in the 80s and again a couple of years back at a private event. The event went well that he came to me and said: “we should do that again.” After that, my agent called and told me that the tour was coming together. It worked so well in 2017, we decided to do it again this summer.

ED: What can we expect at the show?
CL: It is one big party! ! Not just for the fans, but for all of us — the bands, me and Rod. It’s going to be fun too. Of course, expect some surprises!!! Good music and a good laugh. It is a night to escape and have fun.

ED: What is your favorite thing about Rod Stewart?
CL: It’s a long list — he is kind and funny. We like to talk about music, fashion and about our kids. We like to talk hairstyles LOL. We just have a lot in common so being on the road together is easy. We both like to give 100% every night and make sure the audiences leave happy with a great experience.

ED: “Detour” was quite a shift musically; well I guess it is right there in the album title. What made you want to create a country album?
CL: I have always wanted to work with Seymour Stein. His knowledge of music history is just unbelievable so since I was going to do another covers project, I knew he would be the perfect partner. We were just hanging out and listening to songs. At the time I wasn’t sure what direction I was heading. But then when I started listening, I found that the songs I was moved by were songs from the same era as the blues record. Seymour explained that the golden era of country, which all of the songs off “Detour” are, was happening at the same time as the era of “Memphis Blues” I really liked the idea of doing a companion record to “Memphis Blues” and to look at music from both sides of that street.

ED: You did a lot of wonderful collaborations on “Memphis Blues”, would you do that again?
CL: Absolutely!!

Cyndi Lauper 2018 (photo by Amber Sterling) interview on

Cyndi Lauper 2018 (photo by Amber Sterling)

ED: Are you working on new music/album?
CL: Yes I am working on a musical and writing songs for my new album. I’m taking a break at the moment to be out on the road with Rod. I will be back in the studio in Fall & Winter. I have to also juggle all of that with writing new songs for the Broadway adaptation for “Working Girl”, but songwriting is one of my favorite, if not my favorite thing to do so I’m looking forward to being in writing mode this Fall/Winter.

ED: Can you tell us a little more about the new musical?
CL: We are in the middle of it right now. I will share more when I am able to. The piece is in great shape and I’m excited about it. It’s going to have it all – heart, a message, and uplifting music to make you cry, laugh and dance.

ED: How empowering was it to reveal your struggle with psoriasis and endorse a medication for its treatment?
CL: Yes it was. My partnership with Novartis came about very organically. I have been clear for over 3 years and I am thrilled about that.

ED: You are a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community. How did this come about?
CL: It is simple. I am a friend and family of the LGBT community and where I come from you stand up for the people you care about. When their civil rights are being trampled on, I have no option but to speak up and take action in whatever way I can. I will always have their back, just as they have always had mine.

ED: How did you come up with the idea for your True Colors Fund?
CL: Before there was the True Colors Fund, there was the True Colors Tour that traveled America for two summers in 2007 & 2008. We crisscrossed the country talking about equality and raising over $250,000 for LGBTQ organizations. As we were on the tour bus going from city to city, we got to talking and wondering if we could have an even bigger impact. So, we decided to give it a shot and started the True Colors Fund. First, we worked to educate and engage allies through our Give a Damn Campaign, but then as we learned more about the up to 40% of youth experiencing homelessness being LGBTQ, we knew that it was the issue that the True Colors Fund needed to put all of its energy into.

ED: How can the average person support the True Colors Fund or even help LGBTQ youth in their area?
CL: The simplest thing that someone can do to support the True Colors Fund is to visit our website at to learn more about LGBTQ youth homelessness and our work, join our email list so we can keep you updated in ways you can get involved, or even make a donation if you are able. Also, on our website, you can find our True Colors Inclusion Directory which lists service providers that serve LGBTQ youth in a safe and welcoming way. You can find the agency closest to you, learn more about them, and find info on how you can volunteer or donate to them.

ED: Do you have a message for LGBTQ youth?
CL: First and foremost, be proud of who you are! While it may seem hard at times to see, there is a future of possibilities waiting for you and if you are struggling and need help, there are people out there who are there to help. Reach out to your family and friends you trust. Get involved with the GSA in your school if you have one. If those are not possibilities, reach out to the LGBTQ community center closest to you, you can find them on our website or at

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper have two upcoming shows in the Pacific Northwest. Get tickets and more info here.

August 31st / Portland, OR — Sunlight Supply Amphitheatre
September 1st / Seattle, WA — White River Amphitheater

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