Interview: Lea DeLaria <em>A Man For All Seasons</em> In Tacoma

Lea DeLaria is 60, sexy and coming in to her own. The LGBTQ pioneer has worked tirelessly for our rights and isn’t giving up any time soon. This self-described, Dyke Daddy, is bringing Tacoma a lecture on our LGBTQ history through her eyes.

Broadway Center always opens Tacoma Pride with fascinating events and Lea DeLaria will rank right up there with the best of them. Don’t miss this show on Friday, July 13th at the Rialto Theater. Get tickets and more info here. Check out our interview with DeLaria below: 

Earle Dutton: How does it feel to be 60 and fabulous?
Lea DeLaria: It feels great! I love it. I am just really at this place in life that makes me laugh right now. Suddenly, the whole “Daddy” concept has become totally hip in the dyke community. Women used to really frown on it but now it is totally hip. Lesbians are totally down with it. I turned 60 so I am the Dyke Daddy! It is fabulous!

ED: Are you working on a new album? I love House Of David.
LD: Thank you! I am currently working with Janis Siegel of the Manhattan Transfer. We are going to do a duets album. She joined me for “Suffragette City” on House Of David. We are just really big fans of each other.

Lea DeLaria Tacoma

Lea Delaria in Tacoma this Friday!

ED: You have been on television, Broadway, you are working on a new album. Is there something else out there that you just really want to do?
LD: Exactly what I am doing, everything. I am living the dream. Believe me, I know that. Not that many people can say that they are doing what they always wanted to do. It is very unusual. I know how f*cking lucky I am. I get up every morning and say, “I am f*cking lucky.”

ED: Is there anyone that you would just love to collaborate with musically?
LD: Besides Janis, I am really excited to be collaborating with her. I wouldn’t mind doing something interesting with some of the younger musicians. I would love to do that. Some of the younger kids that are out there today like Miley Cyrus. I am completely enamored with Jennifer Nettles. We just did Mamma Mia together at the Hollywood Bowl. Doing something with Jennifer would be amazing.

ED: Can you tell me a little about the show you are bringing to Tacoma for Pride?
LD: The lecture is sort of a historical perspective of the Queer Movement, through my eyes. It is funny and interesting.

ED: Do you have a message for LGBTQ youth?
LD: They have to stand up and be strong in the face of adversity since we have a horrifying administration which is trying to take away all of the rights that I have fought my entire life for. Get out there and start protesting. Make a difference.

Don’t miss this show on Friday, July 13th at the Rialto Theater. Get tickets and more info here. Check out our interview with DeLaria below: 

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