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Lisa Stansfieldlegendary, multi-award-winning, multi-platinum and million-selling artist, returns with the release of her new album, Deeper. The album is available wherever you buy music and even in a limited-edition boxset. Stansfield and her long-time song-writing partner Ian Devaney, produced by Ian & Mark “Snowboy” Cotgrove, and with Lisa taking the role of executive producer, Deeper is the legendary soul singer’s eighth studio album. In other news, her latest single “Never Ever” is the #1 most added song in the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, reaffirming yet again that the British songstress is still ruling the dance-floor.

Lisa Stansfield’s dance-pop songs saw her top the charts on both sides of Atlantic, in the late ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s. She sang duets with George Michael and Queen, winning multiple Brits and Ivor Novello awards, collecting Grammy nominations and a feature on “The Bodyguard,” the biggest-selling film soundtrack of all time.

Lisa Stansfield album on equality365.comFour albums were international hits, selling more than 15 million copies between them and spawning over 20 breakout singles, including international hits such as “All Around The World,” “The Real Thing,” and “Treat Me Like A Woman.” Lisa Stansfield has been a force on the dance floor for decades.

Speaking about, Stansfield said “creating this album was a wonderful adventure. I really believe there’s a special something in this record. I’m so excited to let it go out into the big wide world with pride.”

Following the release of the album teaser track, “Everything” (which recently topped the UK Soul Charts) Lisa unveiled the shimmering music video for “Billionaire,” a glittering example of Lisa’s songcraft and unique ability to capture a soap opera in a song. According to the singer, the song is “all about love. It’s all about money. The rest is up to you…” In addition to the single version, an 8-track remix EP is also available, featuring mixes by Until Dawn, Rob Hardt and E11even. Watch the official video HERE.

Lisa believes she and Ian Devaney recaptured their mojo on 2014’s Seven album and now on Deeper. “We never want to toe the line,” she asserts of Deeper’s highly individualized take on Philly soul, club music and deeply personal ballads. “We don’t want to compromise. ‘Deeper’ feels like we did when we made the first few albums. It’s got that excitement. It felt like a voyage of discovery. If there was something, a little musical element, we were afraid might be too scary or ‘edgy’, we kept it in. It’s about pushing things, musically and lyrically. Challenging people.”
She cites album track “Twisted” as an example because, “It’s like three different types of music in one song. A ‘normal’ verse, a northern soul break and a Latin chorus”. Album opener “Everything,” which recently topped the UK soul charts, is “like being given a beautiful big kick with a soft shoe up the arse.” Deeper is, Lisa contends, the perfect album to put on before a Friday night out, but it also provides the ideal Saturday morning comedown soundtrack. And it ends with a superb version of “Ghetto Heaven” by The Family Stand – of which lead singer Sandra St. Victor said Lisa sounds great, and this groove is wicked!.

When she first emerged, in the mid-80s, she was one-third of a group, with Morris and Devaney, called Blue Zone, who were in thrall to Chicago house and Detroit techno. One of their tracks from 1988, “Big Thing,” exploded on the underground, leading to a team-up between Lisa and electronic dance duo Coldcut: the single “People Hold On” became a No 11 hit in the UK (and a Top 10 entry on America’s dance chart), and the rest is history. Since her breakthrough, with a combination of “determination plus good luck” as she puts it, Lisa has sold over 20 million records, bringing her unique brand of soul, R&B and Brit-house to the masses.

Lisa Stansfield (photo credit earMUSIC Ian Devaney)

Lisa Stansfield (photo credit earMUSIC Ian Devaney)

Her successful streak, which as of 2018 shows no signs of stopping, started in 1989 with the Affection album and its attendant singles: “All Around The World“(which did indeed become massive across the globe), “What Did I Do To You,” “Live Together,” “You Can’t Deny It” and “This Is The Right Time,” the latter another joint effort by Lisa and Coldcut.

But her success has been satisfying on an artistic level as well as a commercial one. Coldcut, Devaney and Morris may have been the producers on her first two albums (Affection and 1991’s Real Love), with a little help on her third (1993’s So Natural) from Bobby Boughton, and Lisa Stansfield (1997), Face Up (2001) and The Moment (2004) may have seen everyone from Mark Morales to Trevor Horn behind the studio console, but recently she has become more involved in production, especially on 2014’s Seven and the latest album, Deeper. And all the way through she has been the primary composer of her material.

“The first writers I knew about were Motown’s Holland-Dozier-Holland,” she explains, admitting that she felt guilty when she first saw the names Stansfield-Devaney-Morris on the credits of her debut album. “It felt naughty, as though they shouldn’t be there. Even after 30 years, I still feel like, ‘Oh god, they’re going to find out.’ Like I’m pretending, somehow.”

Lisa’s contribution to British soul is undeniable with a string of hit singles including “All Around The World,” “All Woman,” “The Real Thing” and many award winning albums. Her unmistakable voice has been a constant presence on the dance floor and airwaves ever since 1989, including seven #1’s on the Billboard Dance Charts, and three #1’s on Billboard’s R&B Songs Chart, with her debut album Affection going platinum and hitting the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Most recently she returned to the Top 20 of the UK album charts with her 7th studio album Seven. A gorgeous and personal collection of her trademark soul, the 2014 record was a reminder of why Lisa has sold nearly 20 million records worldwide and had a string of international top 10 hits. She is an amazing songstress! Don’t forget to buy the album!

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