5 Ways To Party Through The Rest Of The Year

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No one will argue that this year has been a tough one, and for many, it has been the toughest they have ever lived through. As the world changes due to the global coronavirus pandemic, life has changed everyone, and it may never go back to how it was. While most countries have experienced some time under lockdown rules, and many local regions are still going through this, the pandemic is far from over, and no one is quite sure when it will be. However, on a brighter note, there are many events such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year coming up, and rather than looking upon them with sadness at what could have been and what you might have already had planned or what you have done in years gone by, it’s important to think positive and look at what you can do and how you can still have a good time.

Everyone deserves a good time and some fun right now, so even if tougher restrictions are in place, then don’t let it stop you. At this time, it is more important than ever for people to get together – even at a distance or virtually, it’s also important to celebrate and have a good time. Try to look for the joy in the little things, and as so much has already been lost this year and it’s essential to have something to look forward to. There are still many more ‘lockdown birthdays’ to be had, wedding celebrations or the celebration of what would have been the wedding day, and of course, the other festivities we have at this time of year. There are loads of ideas for fun celebrations that you can have without breaking any lockdown or social distancing rules, and without putting any of your family and friends at risk.

You could choose to put together nibbles hampers (cheeses, pickles, crackers, and bourbon whiskey can be reasonable to add in, too) and deliver them to the doorsteps of your friends. When they all receive their parcel, sitting on Zoom and having a “cheese and booze” evening is possible. You could all take it in turns, with another week being someone parceling up the ingredients and instructions for an amazing dinner, setting up the tablet or laptop and cooking together via a zoom link. Parties may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely out of the question. The key is in being inventive and creative with your fun so that everyone gets to have a good time.

Check out these party ideas to see you through to the rest of the year.

A digital party

Many people have already clocked onto this now, but it’s still worth mentioning as having a party on Zoom. Houseparty, Facebook Rooms, Google Hangouts, or another video call software that allows a group of people to be on the same call or even phone chat lines and see each other’s faces can be just as good as the real thing. Whether it’s just a coffee and a cake together or you have an actual party, you can really make it whatever you want to. If it’s a big birthday you want to celebrate, then you can still make it something special – try sending everyone the same decorations to put up, ask people to wear fancy dress, and make sure you’ve all got the same playlist of music. You can even have a virtual photo booth so that you can take lots of photos just as you would have done if it was a physical party.

A drive-by party

When someone is celebrating their birthday, and you really want to make a fuss of them and make them feel special, organize a parade of cars to drive past their home while they stand on the front step. This is a lovely way to celebrate and means that everyone can still observe social distancing rules, and if it’s cold, they can just stay in their cars and keep warm.

Doorstop visits

On a similar note, you could arrange for family and friends to stop off and wish a happy birthday from the doorstep. It can be a great way to pass on cards or just birthday wishes. And the birthday boy or girl may end up seeing more people than they usually would!

Outdoor movie night

Outdoor cinemas are popping up all over the place at the minute, so why not make the most of it? Even if you’re not sat with all your friends, you could all be there at the same time watching the same movie. Alternatively, arranging a movie night of your own in your back garden isn’t too difficult as you could either buy an outdoor projector and screen or rent one and put on whatever movie you like. Grab some bean bags and oversized cushions which you can put two meters apart, get everyone a blanket, and have whatever food you like too.

Games night

You don’t need to be in the same room to do a quiz. You could either do it as you normally would, with the quiz master reading out the questions over Zoom or use an app like Kahoot! To help you make the quiz and each player can use their phone as a keypad. If you’ve had too many quizzes, then download and play games such as Psych and the Jackbox Party Pack. Or you could have bingo night as you don’t need to be in the same room for that either.

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