4 Worrying Issues That Are Creeping Up On Society Faster Than You Think

The world is at a tipping point. There are many challenges on the horizon right now with no substantial solutions. These current issues are not getting the attention they should.


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Water Shortages

Most people don’t realize that water is finite. There is a limited level of water on the planet and with the population growing worldwide, there is going to be more pressure on world water supplies. At the start of 2021, water entered the stock market as a tradeable resource for the first time. It wasn’t the first sign that water is about to become a lot more valuable but it was certainly one of the most terrifying. Currently, there’s no solution to this issue and an estimated ⅓ of the world population is at risk of having no access to clean water by 2050.

Power Trouble

During the first lockdown, power companies were quick to issue warnings about potential outages that would occur due to more pressure on the main grids. These warnings have been released regularly since May last year. However, they are not getting the attention required in the media. Power usage surged through 2020 and it was up to experts Randy Ryneski to help keep the lights on. Substation electricians are working hard to keep the power levels on track but there are definitely challenges on the horizon. There have even been suggestions of power restrictions for communities where demand is highest.

This is definitely one of the roadblocks in the way of EVs taking over as the main form of transport.


Automation is becoming far more advanced. Thanks to machine learning, we can now programs that can create codes to deal with issues. This is used in virtually every industry today. Silicon Valley pros are on record claiming that some forms of machine learning are so advanced, they have no idea how they work once they are past the initial stages of development. There is a future on the horizon where there will be virtually no industry untouched by advanced forms of automation. The solution? Elon Musk and others agree that it’s now time to start thinking seriously about introducing a universal living wage. If this doesn’t happen soon, a large section of the population could enter into poverty extremely quickly.

Antibiotic Resistance

Finally, it’s worth taking a look at the issue of antibiotic resistance because without more advanced research this is expected to be a massive problem over the next few years. The studies are clear – antibiotics are becoming less effective and more viruses that are resistant are emerging rapidly.


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As the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, researcher’s are now turning their attention to Disease X. What used to be a hypothetical scenario is now seemingly virtually inevitable. Indeed, studies have already suggested the potential for a disease X currently spreading in Africa. Essentially, this is a virus that could spread as quickly as COVID-19 with a fatality rate of over 50%. Oxford researchers are now working with a multi-million dollar investment to come with a solution to this future problem.

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