4 Ways To Make Your Big Day Extra Special

Getting married, or entering into a civil partnership is a special event. Whether you choose a low-key event with only a few people there or go all out with a big party, the important thing is that you celebrate it the way you want to.

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Choose a special venue

Depending on where you live, the rules around where you can get married are different. In many cases though, you can get married in a wide range of venues. Many couples are now choosing to travel abroad. So whether you want to be married on a beach in Bali or a medieval castle in England, you can make it happen.

Pick a theme

Theme weddings are becoming really popular. You’ve probably seen some of the more interesting themed weddings on social media. But there is a wide selection of themes to choose from. For example, if one or both of you has Irish or Scottish ancestry, you could choose to recognize this within the ceremony by wearing the family tartan or exchanging Celtic rings rather than standard wedding bands.

Many people opt for a classic vintage look, with classic cars accessories at the reception, even asking guests to dress in clothing from the era.

There are many wedding planning companies that specialize in themed weddings, so if you want to go all out for a Game of Thrones-themed wedding or 1920s art deco, then they can make your day perfect and give you an event that people will remember for a long time.

Be married by a friend or family member

You will often see this happen in sitcoms like Friends or Modern Family, but you can choose someone you know to officiate your wedding or partnership. Check the rules for the area that you live in to see if it’s something that is legally viable. If so, your chosen person just needs to go through the necessary procedures to be legally able to officiate.

It is a fantastic way to include someone in a truly special way. Especially if you’re having trouble deciding on a best man/woman or chief bridesmaid.

Try and incorporate family history into your day

Weddings are a time to look forward and cherish where you’ve been. Why not try and recreate some family memories. It could be something as simple as including a family recipe on your menu, recreating a photograph with your siblings, or wearing something that your parents wore to their wedding. Even in a same-sex partnership, you could take some fabric from your mother’s wedding dress and create a pocket square or bow tie.

Another way to honor your same-sex union is by wearing Pride badges during the ceremony and reception. They will be a tasteful addition to your ensemble. Place them in favor bags or attach them to name cards on the tables at the reception so everyone can show their love and support on your special day and every day.

Final thoughts

Creating your perfect day is exciting, but it can be tough too. After all, there’s a lot to think about and it can all seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of good inspiration to be found online, especially on-site like Instagram and Pinterest. You’re sure to find some great ideas.

Whatever your plans for your special day, just remember to do something that you will love, not what’s expected.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton is the Chief Blogger and Editor of Equality365.com. He founded Equality365.com in 2013 to provide information about LGBTQ friendly events of interest, and to support LGBTQ entertainers and supportive artists who visit our community. Earle is a successful businessman in the Pacific Northwest with a long history of support for and involvement in, the Northwest LGBTQ community. His personal interests include: music, theater, pets, culinary arts and technology.

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