Grammy Winner Judith Hill Discusses Upcoming In Concert For Cancer Performance

Judith Hill has been praised by Rolling Stone for her “stellar powerhouse vocals.” Judith has performed with Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Josh Groban in addition to performing her own material. Hill wrote her first song at age four. She is from a musical family with both of her parents traveling and performing in her band. Judith Hill’s debut album, “Back In Time” was produced by herself & Prince is on NPG Records. Her personal story is included in the Grammy-winning “20 Feet From Stardom,” a film that shines the spotlight on the untold stories of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century.

Hill will be headlining this year’s In Concert for Cancer on September 9th at the Kirkland Performance Center. In Concert for Cancer unites, inspires and gives hope to cancer patients, survivors and the greater community by sharing the joy of world-class live music performances that raise awareness and funding for immunotherapy treatment and research benefiting Seattle Children’s Research Institute. The event is sponsored by Rairdons of Kirkland Maserati, Alfa Romeo Fiat, 425 Magazine, 425 Business, Seattle Genetics, Delta Airlines and Pacific Jazz Institute at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. Get tickets and more info here.

Earle Dutton: Tell me a little about the show you are bringing to Seattle?
Judith Hill: I am bringing my band and we are celebrating In Concert for Cancer in Seattle. It is going to be a lot of empowerment and a very high energy show. It is very funk and soul driven music. We are really looking forward to it.

Judith Hill interview on Equality365.comED: How would you describe your music?
JH: I am classic soul music. I am funk music. There is a lot going on these days. Soul music has almost gotten lost in many ways. I am here to celebrate my roots and do what I love. I came from a musical family. My mom and dad are both musicians. My dad is a funk bass player. My mom is an organist. She does classical, jazz, soul, funk and just about everything. I grew up around a lot of music. The exciting thing about my band and the show is that both of my parents are in my band. It is a family affair. We have our own sound and our own uniqueness. I am always excited to play with my parents especially at this season in my life.

ED: You have worked with some amazing people like Prince, Josh Groban, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Is there anyone out there that you just yearn to collaborate with?
JH: Myself. I am excited about everything that is inside of me. There are just so many variations for me to explore. I had the wonderful experience of traveling through so many different chapters of music and learning from the greats. I am deeply honored to have worked with the people I have so far. One thing that they taught me is to look inside yourself. Now, that is what I am working on. My favorite music is the stuff that I make. I am very excited about making more. The real collaboration is life and the people around me. I always find incredible talent in the most unexpected places.

ED: How did it feel when you got the opportunity to travel with and open for Josh Groban?
JH: It was a whirlwind of stuff because I had just finished with “The Voice” and “Twenty Feet From Stardom” was just taking off. Josh is funny. I love Josh. He is like a comedian. He has got a great energy about him. I have a wonderful time working with him. It was a beautiful experience.

Judith Hill Grammy MuseumED: Are you currently working on a new album?
JH: Yes, I am. I am in the mixing process right now. I am very excited about the new music. It is going to be great. We have previewed some of the songs. We will be playing some of the new music at the In Concert for Cancer show. It should be a nice little preview.

ED: How do you juggle all of the mechanical, business and the artistic side of your work?
JH: You really have to put your day on a schedule. You have to tell yourself you only have an hour to complete this or that task. It is a lot of work. I am really learning that the business side can be just as creative as the music itself. That is really new territory for me.

ED: What attracted you to work with In Concert for Cancer?
JH: Well, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma about two or three years ago. We didn’t really know if she was going to make it. It was very serious. She had a tumor on her spine and she was almost paralyzed. Her diagnosis was not good. We had good doctors. She pulled through with a lot of prayer. She decided while she was sick that if she got better she really wanted to travel the world playing funk music with me. So, that is what we are doing. We want to celebrate her recovery and her life. We also want to inspire and give hope to people battling cancer.

Connect With Judith Hill:

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Connect with In Concert for Cancer:

Website (here)
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Youtube (here)

More Info About In Concert for Cancer:

We are a group of cancer warriors, music industry professionals, event producers, and sponsors, who along with their family and friends, want to make a difference in our community by combining two passions: a love of live music performances and a commitment to funding cancer research.

Now in its sixth year, In Concert for Cancer (ICFC) is an exciting annual concert event based in Seattle, Washington that unites our community by sharing the joy of world-class live music performances, while helping raise awareness and funding for ground-breaking, life-saving, immunotherapy cancer treatment and research.

Our joyful concert event presents the world’s most accomplished and exciting artists to help inspire and give hope to cancer patients, their families, caregivers, and the greater cancer community.

We utilize support from corporate sponsorships, grants, and individual giving to underwrite the cost of its operating budget, so that 100% of our concert net proceeds fund childhood cancer treatment and research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

ICFC was founded by Michele Abrams, a veteran concert producer and her husband, Jeff Christensen, a Pharmacist. Together they have lost family and friends to cancer which was the impetus to using their collective experience, and passion for music, in the fight against cancer.

ICFC is produced and presented by its sister company BrightStar Entertainment which for over twenty years has created and presented live music events for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

ICFC works with a talented team of recording artists, production professionals, web developers and designers, sponsors and volunteers, all of whom make the company’s work possible.

Help us fund life-saving cancer treatment and research.


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