Passenger Brilliantly Covers David Bowie, The Rolling Stones & More

Passenger (Michael David Rosenberg) is a wonderfully talented English singer-songwriter and musician. You may remember him from his thought-provoking “Let Her Go” single from his “All The Little Lights” album. According to his Facebook page, his influences are Bonnie Raitt, Prince, Van Morrison, Blockhead, The Smiths, Neil Young, Murcof and Allen Ginsberg. Seems like a pretty eclectic list to me.

“Passenger’s overnight success took six years, one band breakup, hundreds of gigs in small European pubs, countless hours busking on the streets and five albums. So when the melancholy folk song “Let Her Go” sold 1 million copies in October (2013), Mike Rosenberg was ready.” from Rolling Stone.

The newest album, “Sunday Night Sessions” is a collection of covers. He includes songs from David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, R.E.M., Tracy Chapman, The Eagles and more. He has a brilliant ability to pay homage to the original track while still molding each to his own style. He has a very distinctive voice and a slow rolling style.

I am definitely looking forward to new music from Passenger but these covers are a lovely treat for my ears right now. The latest album, “Sunday Night Sessions” is available everywhere you buy music. Check out the video for the cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” here.

Connect With Passenger:

Official Website (here)
Facebook (here)
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Earle Dutton

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