Tyson Beckford Wants To See You In Vegas

Tyson Beckford is back in Vegas to rock the stage as guest host of the Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Last time he guest hosted, the show enjoyed blockbuster crowds and sold-out shows on a regular basis. You can imagine that will be happening again this time. The 46 year old supermodel, fashion icon, actor has been working on his body hard. He really wants you to come out to Vegas and catch his show! Las Vegas might be known as the city of sin but Beckford promises you will leave with a smile on your face.

Tyson Becford on the red carpetLas Vegas boasts world class entertainment, cuisine and shopping above and beyond the gambling and nightlife. Tyson Beckford makes some suggestions for first time visitors below. He plans to heat up the Chippendales stage until May 24th so don’t miss out! Maybe you will get invited up on stage! Get tickets and more info here.

Earle Dutton: What are the top three things you think someone should see the first time they visit Las Vegas?
Tyson Beckford: You definitely have to come see us at Chippendales. You definitely have to do a daytime pool party! You also have to plan a nice evening with a great dinner and nightlife. The nightlife could be any one of the other shows or just one of the nicer clubs at night. Vegas is one of the few places that really dance in clubs.

ED: I love how you are described as an International Supermodel, Fashion Icon and Actor. Are there any other titles you would like to add to that description?
TB: (Laughter) That is quite the list. I would like to add Producer and Entrepreneur. We are getting there. I am a jack of all trades. The only thing I don’t do is sing. I don’t want to, I wish I could.

ED: What do you think the biggest differences are between your Chippendales show in 2015 which broke box office records and today?
TB: I think now I am a lot more comfortable doing it. My timing is much better. I am in better shape now. The first two times you do it, you are still learning the ropes. Now this third time, I have the experience and am relaxed in knowing what I need to do. I am in eight of the thirteen numbers that we do. I am in the show a lot more now. I speak a lot more as well. There is a lot more crowd interaction in the new show. A lot of the hosts get up on stage in the collar and cuffs and just stay dressed that way. I get up on stage and strip down. I come from the fashion world so I am comfortable being naked.

ED: What is your biggest challenge in the show?
TB: The biggest challenge is getting up and getting to the gym. I really have to remember to get all of my workouts in and eat enough. I get so busy during the day that something I forget to eat. I start seeing myself get skinnier throughout the show. This time, I am here for a longer period of time so I have to pace myself better. I have to make sure I get all of the nutrients and meals I am supposed to be getting. I am here by myself so I am meal prepping and working out all the time. Sometimes I end up having legs day at the gym on a two show day which is not the best but I end up pushing through it. I feel like damn, my legs are getting too skinny I have to fix that… Then I have to make sure I do all the squats to keep my cheeks. Have to keep the cheeks looking good and perky. Gotta have the tight buns (laughter).


LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 07: Actor/model Tyson Beckford (C) poses for photos with the cast of Chippendales, as he begins a celebrity guest host in residency with the Chippendales at the Rio Hotel & Casino on April 7, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Tyson Beckford

ED: What is your favorite part of the show?
TB: I would have to say, interacting with the audience.  I have an MC spot in the middle of the show. I let the people come up on stage and tear off my tank top. I joke with them and just have a good time. I have a reverse strip number. It seems to be a great number to get the crowd all worked up to see the rest of the boys.

ED: Are there a lot of guys attending the shows?
TB: Oh yea, we invite guys all the time. It is all equal now. We have them up on stage. We don’t have any of that old-school stuff anymore. It is a different world now. We get guys that come up and take pictures with us. They get to sit on our laps and some of the guys want us to sit on their laps. It is a lot of fun.

ED: Do you have a fun or crazy fan story to share?
TB: We had a fan come up the other day. She just basically lost it. She almost passed out. They get excited. They hyperventilate. Some of these fans have been my fans have been with me since the beginning. We had a lady fly in from Mexico the other day. She was an older lady and she flew all the way to Vegas by herself just to see the show. She was so excited just to see me on stage for an hour and a half.

Tyson Beckford with the Chippendales team

LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 07: Actor/model Tyson Beckford (C) performs as a celebrity guest host in residency with the Chippendales at the Rio Hotel & Casino on April 7, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/WireImage)

ED: I’ve heard that the show has been updated with acrobatics and all sorts of new things. Can you tell me a bit about that?
TB: Oh yes, we have new dancers in with come from all sorts of different dance styles. They can do flips and pirouettes.  There are all sorts of new high intensity moves. It really challenges the rest of us to learn and try new things.

ED: What would you say to a guy that looks up to you and would like to join the Chippendales?
TB: Make sure you are in good shape. You need great abs and good legs. You have to look good naked and be able to dance. There are a lot of good looking muscular guys out there that just can’t dance or move. Chippendales is very intense. There are a lot of moves and you have to have good timing.  You might have the body but can’t dance or vice versa. I would say you have to have the best of both worlds.

Tyson Beckford is entertaining us on the Chippendales stage until May 24th so don’t miss out! Maybe you will get invited up on stage! Get tickets and more info here.



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