Starla’s Starcast April 2017

Starla’s Starcast April 2017 is ready! It’s almost Earth Day but the rest of the planets seem a little topsy-turvy. No, I am not talking about the lovely upside-down tomato planters. I guess you could describe this month’s Starcast like a garden. There are some retrograde planet’s over there in that field. There is pink moon planted right there. Some of ya’ll need to weed your areas as well. Starla spent a lot of time on this garden, so get reading…

Aries Starlas StarcastAries
March 21-April 19

Jupiter made love to the pink full moon on April 11th when they focused on your seventh house of relationships. The two were singing “Some Enchanted Evening” on your behalf. But unpredictable Uranus may have rained on your parade, or else he may have led a parade to celebrate you. Only you know that.

Luckily, Venus turned direct on April 15th, which Martha Stewart would say “is a good thing.” Retro vibes always hang on. That’s why you should wait a week or two before signing papers or launching a new endeavor. Now this: Slippery Mercury is retrograde again. His current tour will last until May 3rd. Saturn, the teacher, is also retrograde until August 25th. With Mars in your second house, one minute you’re spending on extra expenses, and the next you’re planning to be more frugal with your money. This will go on until Mars moves into your third house on April 21st. Waiting is not your strong suit. Fiery Aries hates to wait for anything or anyone. Too bad fire ball, you need to think about what you could save for, not what you should squander on. Pluto has a plan for you, and when Pluto has a plan, you transform–or else.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26th bodes well for your career and financial possibilities. But you need to perk up. Not a problem for you, bold one. Also, just to be safe, you also need to wait—oh, that nasty word again—to start new enterprises until the May 25th new moon. Like some overly-wise man quipped, “Patience is a virtue.” Try it on. It might actually fit. Great warriors always know when to make a move.

Taurus Starlas StarcastTaurus
April 20-May 20

Mars is in the home sign (the first time in two years) until April 21st, so you are in a conquering mood. In fact, you may even be in a planets-be-damned state of mind. Your ruling planet Venus is now direct and moving forward. Once the sun movies into your sign on the 20th, and the new moon beams on the 26th, you should get it together and overcome any emotional fears you have been experiencing and follow your heart; unless of course, you’re a sloth and are clinging to a lazy mode. Grab onto the energy and cheerfulness the universe offers and dazzle the power-to-be with your charms. These magic moments may diminish when Mars leaves your sign on April 21st. Venus won’t be over her retrograde and fully functional until May 18th. For the moment and until May 3rd, you will still be dealing with Mercury retrograde, and yes, you’ll have to wait until his retro vibes finally wind down on May 20th. As you may know, he tends to muck up communications, electronics and negotiations-you name it. Hopefully, you have backed up your computer and put your possessions some place you will remember. Cuz Mercury loves to play tricks—Shakespeare knew this and invented a mischief-maker named Puck (rhymes with you-know-what, and I don’t mean duck) in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Titania the queen of the fairies fell head over heels over a red neck named Bottom. Depending on your sexual proclivities, that could be marvelous or a pain-in-you-know-what, I guess. Like mortals, sometimes the planets act up. It’s not your fault, but you may have to deal with a chaotic atmosphere. Ground yourself by working on projects already in the works. Saturn, who is known to be a disciplinarian, is actually having a friendly moment with this new moon. So you won’t have to stand in the corner. Although you may already be there since Mercury has declared a time-out. The good news is that the new moon on April 26th beams in Taurus, but it might be another month before you should run with the bulls until May’s new moon, nice-and-easy-does-it with money and new relationships. If you are already in love, don’t worry. Show off those sensuous Venusian movements.

Gemini Starlas StarcastGemini
May 21-June 20

The full moon on April 11th may have had you in a dither, but it might have been worse, if Jupiter hadn’t offset the unpredictable opposition by Uranus. Despite Jupiter’s protection, life may have been frustrating for you, airhead. Just stay nimble. You have so many irons in the fire, and some of them may fizzle out. Even your partner may disappoint you. Don’t knock her/him to the curb just yet. Venus may be direct now, but you are still dealing with your planetary ruler Mercury’s retrograde until May 3rd. And even when he goes direct, the atmosphere may be tricky for a few weeks. Then Mars moves into your sign on April 21st until June 4th which boosts your energy and clears the fog out of your brain. And since fiery Mars hasn’t been in your sign for two years, you have reason to celebrate and take action. Until then, keep your ambitions to yourself. Use this time to ponder and plan. It would be best if you can hold your horses until the sun goes into your sign on May 21st and even until May’s new moon in Gemini on the 25th. That doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a few baskets on May Day. Just chase down your prey and hand over the goodies. Maybe even a kiss if you so desire, but without expectations. And if someone outruns you, that will be their loss. April’s new moon on the 26th in Taurus and your 12th house encourages reflection, plus Neptune will enhance your creativity. Also, Mercury will be conjunct Uranus who doles out surprises faster than???. Even you will have to scramble to keep up with all the genius ideas and visions flying around in your subconscious. Thankfully, your intuition will be fabulous at the same time. You might even have a guardian angel watching over you. Be kind to this spirit. Aim for success while he or she hovers.

Cancer Starlas StarcastCancer
June 21-July 22

You’ll hard-put to hide in your shell in April. You would have too much to lose. Whatever you do now will pay off around mid-May. And Mars will be kicking your butt through May 21st. Meantime, Venus went direct on April 15th, which may bring insight in romance and business. However, Mercury will be hanging around until May 3rd, causing confusion and delays, especially in communication. Of course, you will be emotional—when are you not? Blame pushy Pluto—his movements may affect your partner. In fact, she/he may be feeling lost for the next few months. Yes, there will be pressure at home and work as well. So be prepared for uncertainty, if that is at all possible for you, crabcake. And remind yourself that the planetary atmosphere is filled with change for everyone. If you have to run back into your shell, do it when Mars enters Gemini and your 12th house on May 21st. That will help you keep your secrets hush-hush until Mars moves into the homesign on June 4th. You don’t have to stay inside all that time; just enough to make you feel more secure. And you can always scurry out for a peek. The full moon on April 11th tangled with Uranus and made you leery. But then you always freak out during any full moon, whether you admit it or not. Buck up. Even though you may be kinky, hopefully you’re not the Jekyll and Hyde sort. And if you are, it may be time to retire that part of your life. The fallout of that full moon may affect your finances. But all is not lost; Saturn and Jupiter had your back. When the sparkly new moon beams on April 26th, relax a bit, even kick up your heels socially, maybe even dance a bit–at a tea dance if you’re feeling shy. And please don’t say you can’t dance. If you can have sex, you can dance. Just emulate the movements. Imaginative Neptune will supply the inspiration. Most of all, save important decisions a few weeks after both Venus and Mercury go direct; around May 18th or 20th sounds about right. Make friends, not mistakes.

Leo Starlas StarcastLeo
July 23-August 22

You got trouble—right here in Leo country. That’s capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for planets and pride. Heed the proverb. “Pride goeth before a fall,” especially while your fiery cousin Mars is on a rampage. Add to that, Mercury is in retrograde until May 3rd, and even then it will take him a few weeks to adjust. You, as the bossy pants of the Zodiac—and perish this next thought–could be temporarily indecisive. Don’t panic just yet. Take your time. Brush your mane while you think upon life and its possibilities. Mars changes signs on April 21st which may bring clarity along with the new moon on the 26th. Until then, you might read Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.” If you’ve already read it, do so again. He was macho, just like you, Big Paws; he just missed being a Leo by a couple of days. The new moon on April 26th will usher in a healing vibe and new ideas. While the pink full moon on April 11th sparked a conflict with Uranus —eased slightly by Jupiter– this new moon on April 26th ushers in the possibility for a career breakthrough and a new source of inspiration and income. If you are in the creative arts—and many Leos are—there may be a standing ovation awaiting you. Whatever happens, do not—NO EXCEPTIONS—sign any contracts until a few weeks after Mercury goes direct on May 3rd. Keep your words and hands to yourself—no verbal acquiescence or handshakes allowed. There’s a good chance, especially in early April, you’ve been considering some international travel. You’re a born jetsetter—nothing but the best for proud Leo. Or you could have an immigration problem, whatever… Venus was also retrograde, bouncing back and forth between Aries and Pisces. She goes direct April 15th but won’t settle down to help you until May 18th. So while Mars was pushing forward, Venus was holding back. Luckily, Mercury will go direct on May 3rd, but he won’t settle down until May 20th. That coincides with Venus moving out of Pisces and back into Aries. So life will be sweeter and so will you. So it behooves you to wait until then to shift into full-Leo mode. Sit tight, furry one. Do something you love. Look at yourself in the mirror. You know that’s one of your favorite pastimes.

Virgo Starlas StarcastVirgo
August 23-September 22

If it seems like you’re wrestling with the universe, blame Saturn for messing with Venus. But like a wise mother said over and over, “Out of bad comes good.” Yes, it’s tough when your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde, which happened on April 9th and won’t go direct until May 3rd. And even then it will take a while for the universe to adjust. Can you say May 20th? Because that is when it’s going to happen. You may have to silence your critical tongue and put yourself in some other signs’ shoes. And don’t argue that signs don’t wear shoes. It’s a metaphor, earthy god/goddess. The good news—and there is some—is that the Sun is going to make nice with Saturn on April 17th. Yes, the pink full moon and Jupiter, both in Libra and your second house, promised financial gain, Then Uranus, known in planetary circles as Mr. Surprise, showed up to conjunct the Sun. That turn of events may have forced you to pay out a large sum of money. And for a thrifty Virgo, that causes pain. But all is not lost. Just keep in mind that lucky Jupiter is still in your second house of money. April’s new moon in earthy Taurus on the 26th encourages you to forget about the past and focus on the future—if you haven’t done so already. Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto also make nice, which favors your relationships. And if you’ve been hankering to travel, it would be a terrific time to do so. When go-for-it Mars moves into Gemini and your 10th house of fame and fortune—the first time in two years—on April 21st, he will reside there until June 4th. So make the most of his visit. May’s new moon on the 25th, supported by Venus and Mercury’s direct motion, will be a winning combination for your career. You won’t have to wait until July 4th to set off those fireworks. Or you could save money and look up at the stars. Throw them a kiss, even it does take umpteenth light years to get there.

Libra Starlas StarcastLibra
September 23-October 22

You’ve probably been more emotional since the Pink full moon on April 11th beamed in your home sign. You’ve also been dealing with retrograde planets. Although Venus, your planetary went direct on April 15th, she’s still a woozy and won’t be back to her charming self until May 18th. And Mercury will be napping until May 3rd, and he won’t be wide awake until May 20th. This could delay your decisions even more than usual. After all, you often agonize before making up your mind. After all, you’re balancing those justice scales. Besides, this gives you more time to organize your P’s and Q’s. As you know, or should know, Venus rules over love and relationships and the flow of money. As lovers of elegance and luxury, Libras always want to make a good impression. But don’t be a rush to change your appearance while the planets are in retrograde. Hold off on couture, rare jewels and lavish parties. They’re VERBOTEN—a huge no-no. Advice: Every time you want to buy something glorious, instead do something lovely for someone else. It’s good for your karma and better for your budget. Don’t panic. Hopefully, you can go back to your lavish ways by the end of May. Meanwhile, you’ll have to be on your toes to keep up with April’s planetary pace. With Jupiter still in your sign, you have protection. But don’t go off half-cocked. Take that any way you want. Saturn’s trine with the Sun on the 17th may have tossed you a cheerful vibe. But watch out for Pluto, the Transformer. He goes retrograde on the 20th and won’t be direct until September 28th. If you have been worried about finances, the amiable new moon on April 26th should stabilize your situation, or at least look promising. And if you are an artist, Neptune tickles your fancy with inspiration. About romance, if you meet or have met your true love, wait until the end of May to make your engagement official. The full moon in Scorpio beams on May 10th.and it is known as the Big Leaf Moon… hmmm. Again, take that any way you want. Finally, the poet T.S. Elliot, an infamous Libra, wrote, “April is the cruelest month.” Please don’t let him be right.

Scorpio Starlas StarcastScorpio
October 23-November 21

This month is loaded with twists and turns, and even you may struggle to find your way. Try not to brood, and if someone offers direction, at least listen to what they have to say without trampling their feelings. The full moon in Libra and your 12th house on April 11th was a doozy. It might have penetrated your private place. And we’re not talking about appendages. There are a couple of reasons things are complex and uncertain. Venus was in retrograde but went direct on April 15th. That doesn’t mean the coast is clear. She won’t be rid of those retro notions until May 18th. Then Mercury went retrograde on April 9th and won’t be direct until May 3rd. and he won’t behave properly until May 20th. Dynamic Mars, one of your ruling planets moves into Gemini and your eighth house on April 21, where he will stay until June 4th. Your other planetary ruler, clandestine Pluto, goes retrograde on April 20th, and he will cause you to be even more intense than you already are. And that’s saying a lot. Concentrate and delve into your subconscious. This can make you more intuitive and more suspicious. You’re a handful when it comes to both of those traits, even without a retrograde. Be prepared; Pluto doesn’t allow choices. He’ll force you to let go of old patterns and seek out new ones. When the Sun enters Taurus and your seventh house of partnerships, life will be easier. Ditto when the new moon joins the sun in Taurus on April 26th. Romance will blossom, and it could turn into a commitment. Of course, Scorpio tends to hold something back unless he/she is having sex. Love is a different ball game. You will test your beloved, and the slightest hint of mendacity will put you on alert. Never mind that you are capable of tossing out lies with every breath, especially if someone tries to push you into a place you don’t want to be. May’s full moon will beam in your sign, sexy one. And when your libido is unleashed, no one can resist. You are an emotional alchemist.

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastSagittarius
November 22-December 21

Sorry Sagie, April plays out like a mutated waltz. Two steps forward and one step back. “Etc. Etc. Etc” as they say in “The King And I”. And the dance may go on and on. You can’t escape the retrogrades, no matter how well you can dance. Venus went direct on April 15th just in time to pay your taxes; unless you decided to take an extension. Too bad you can’t do the same with retrogrades. But just because Venus went direct doesn’t mean all is well. It will take until May 18th for her—and you–to recover. More retro news; Mercury went retrograde on April 9th and won’t go direct until May 3rd. And as you may have guessed, he won’t be back to his normal routine until May 20th. But Sagies are flexible and spontaneous, so your feathers are seldom ruffled. You will be in demand, so try to conserve your energy. But don’t miss any new opportunities. The full moon on April 11th may not have been as devastating to you, as it was for other signs. On the other hand, Uranus was determined to pull a few tricks. So it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, especially about finances. That too will be challenging, because feisty Mars can’t stay out of your business. He will move into your seventh house of partnerships on the 21st and start throwing his weight around. So make sure he throws it in the right direction. And it would be a good idea to pay more attention to your sweetheart. Venus loves the lush life, so you’ll be tempted to provide it. Wait. You need a clear head when it comes to romance; new affairs may not pan out. In fact, out may be your best option. Mercury’s retrograde may cloud your career options. Stick with what and who you know until it’s safe to move forward. Yes, that goes against your true nature. Even though you can dismiss most regrets, why do that to yourself? Concentrate on work; you will reap the benefits April 26th, when the new moon appears in stable Taurus. The sun is already there—in your sixth house of work and health. Hopefully you’ve been taking good care of yourself. And hopefully you’ve laid the ground work for future success because the new moon could attract new business. Now we review: Don’t sign any contracts, don’t buy any new techie toys and don’t run off and get married while Venus and Mercury are not back to their full power. In fact, you should wait until the new moon on May 25th beams in your seventh house before you take any action. By then you should be earning more money and you can buy those luxuries you’ve been pining for. Maybe you should start with a sumptuous new bed. You can wallow in luxury and at the same time shower your sweetheart with attention. Maybe you could sing to him/her. You may not have a perfect voice, but you certainly have the panache.

Capricorn Starlas StarcastCapricorn
December 22-January 19

Like the other signs, you are dealing with a peculiar do-or-don’t mentality in April. Mixed signals are coming from every direction. The new moon on the 11th had to deal with Uranus’ unpredictability And Mercury went retrograde on April 9th and caused communication to go berserk. He won’t be direct until May 3rd. Even then, he won’t be up to full speed until May 20th. Venus did go direct on April 15th, but like Mercury, she’s such a slowpoke, she won’t regain her loving nature until May 18th. If you didn’t know that you should not to sign or verbalize contracts during retrogrades, now you do. If necessary, you can play sick to keep from making any deals. Your ruling planet Saturn will get cozy with the Sun on April 17th, which will stabilize the home front. But three days later, Pluto the Transformer will go retrograde. You will be forced to reexamine your game plan and make needed changes. Good thing you are a master at maneuvering. Dare we say manipulation? Oh, we shouldn’t but we did. You have a few more days to make whoopee before Mars leaves your fifth house of true love and moves into Gemini and your sixth house of work, health and pets on April 21st. This placement favors new possibilities. When the new moon beams in your earthy pal Taurus on April 26th, it bodes well for romance, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship. So get out and have some fun. Saturn insists that you show others your playful side and rid yourself of some of that frustrated baggage you’ve been lugging around. Remember, new moons bring new opportunities for love and business. If any problems arise, you are capable of solving them or walking away. You are well aware that your determination and work ethic are extraordinary. So is your ability to strategize down to the tiniest details. The universe just wants you to think first, and then carefully plot your actions. Make a backup plan as well. You are the eagle scout of the zodiac—always prepared. With Venus acting up, you might have to settle for Korbel instead of Cristal, malted milk balls instead of Godiva, Pottery Barn instead of Rosenthal China, rhinestones instead of diamonds, a Hyundai instead of an Aston Martin, and off-the-rack instead of couture. No need to go on; you get the picture. May 10th brings a full moon in Scorpio and your 12th house of the collective unconscious of all humanity. At least that’s what astro sages believe.

Aquarius Starlas StarcastAquarius
January 20-February 18

The planets may be causing you angst. Saturn, the King of Karma, is forcing you to examine your life. You’ve got plenty of time–he’s retrograde until August 25th. In the here and now, finances may be troublesome. Your ruling planet Uranus threw a hissy fit during the full moon on April 11th. Venus is now direct, but won’t regain full power until May 18th.Mercury has gone retrograde and he won’t be direct until May 3rd, but he won’t be operating at his highest level until May 20th. So communication is off kilter. You would like to run away from all this, but your air miles are with United and ain’t nobody flyin’ that mess. So no can do, adorable airhead. Mars is causing stress until April 21st, but then he moves into Gemini and your fifth house of true love—he hasn’t been there for two years–to stay until June 4th. Venus moves into Aries on April 28 and remains there until June 4th. When Mars and Venus get along, it’s magical and very good for love. If you’re single, things heat up. If you’re already involved, romance gets hotter. So there, you have something to look forward to. But for now, don’t make things worse by signing contracts or buying more of those techie gadgets you adore. Make do with what you already have until May 20th, then take time to think seriously about what you really need compared to what you want. You’re still brilliant; just temporarily frustrated. Think about that man who taught himself how to program computers by using a calculator. Okay, so you didn’t know him. Boohoo. You will just have to wait until planets settle down. And for you, that will probably be May 25th, when the new moon beams in your airy soulmate, Gemini. That would be a good time to travel, as long as you’re back by June 4th. However, the new moon on April 26th in your fourth house puts more focus on your home and family. If you want to sell your house, go ahead and list it. But if you want to buy, you need to wait until after May 20th and waiting until after May 25th would be even better. The same thing goes for travel, happiness, and love as well. But it wouldn’t hurt to practice those smooth moves before that day so you can dazzle the universe with your charm and brilliance. And all those lovely people you’re going to meet come late May and early June.

Pisces Starlas StarcastPisces
February 19-March 20

April will have you thinking about money. Not only do you need more of it, you need to start saving, if you haven’t done so. For emotional Pisces, it’s easier to think about it with your head in the clouds. Silly fishy; that won’t do you any good. Face up, you old soul, and come back to earth. The Sun trined Saturn the teacher on the 17th, blessing new opportunities. However, Pluto is going retrograde on the 20th and that will last until August 25th, so until then you may be better off working on the projects you already have in the works. The payoff? You will be well equipped to handle future possibilities. And come December, you should graduate from Saturn’s class with honors. Relax. He won’t be back for 29 years.

It’s a good thing that you are a mutable sign, because you’re going to have your hands full, dealing with retrogrades and their aftermath. Venus, who oversees your finances and romance, is now direct, but her retro vibes will gradually diminish to all-clear on May 18th. Mercury went retrograde on April 9th and won’t be direct until May 3rd. And like Lady Venus, he won’t be completely free of retro vibes until May 20th. When the new moon beams on April 26th, it stimulates your imagination, especially fortuitous if you are a writer. If your ruler Neptune has his way, you could be in high demand. Of course, the same thing applies if you’re a sex addict. Oh, don’t get your panties in a twist. The universe is just teasing you, gullible Pisces.

This year, Uranus and Saturn are having a lovely moment. That won’t happen again for 30 more years. You might be with the angels by then, or just too tired to care. So behave yourself and work, work, work, work. Of course, you’d much rather play, play, play. Don’t be naughty, or Saturn will punish you with crummy karma in your next reincarnation. You have already been back several times, and you keep running into trouble. Once you lead a wagon train into disaster. Another time long, long ago in France, you were beautiful and rich. So much so, men killed each other to win your heart. And the one who finally won it went insane. Another time, you were Mother Teresa’s brother and forgot to feed the pigs. Now here you are again, making another attempt to reach nirvana. When you are good, you’re delightful. And when you are naughty, you’re even more so. Unfortunately, a money matter may take you by surprise. If so, you might have to live hand-to-mouth for a while. Even worse, it could be finger to lip. Oh, pish-posh, Pisces. You’re bamming us, so just sod off.

Stay tuned, if you enjoyed Starla’s Starcast April 2017 edition. We are helping you out with love, life, business, money and everything under the star right here every month.


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Starla Smith

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