Ariana Savalas Capturing Hearts At Teatro Zinzanni

Ariana Savalas is sometimes bawdy, often naughty and always a hottie. Yes, she is Telly Savalas’ (Kojak) daughter. She is a talented singer and entertainer. Savalas is the Pussycate of Postmodern Jukebox. She is performing with a special guest you may know from “The People’s Couch” among other things. Yes, Blake McIver is joining her in Seattle! You have to catch this show. Get tickets here if they aren’t sold out.

What is your favorite memory of your dad?
Wow, that is a great question. Let me think. There are so many. He passed away when I was seven. I think the best memories were being able to go with him everywhere. He was such an obsessed father even though he was working all the time. We were able to basically go with him anywhere in the world. That really meant everything to my brother and I. He had the best smile. He would get this dumb goofy grin every time he saw us. That is something I will never forget.

Ariana Savalas and Blake McIver

Ariana Savalas and Blake McIver

Who were your musical influences while you were growing up?
I kind of had a combination of influences. My parents had such an age gap between them. It was definitely one of those May-December romances. My dad was born in 1922 and my mom was considerably younger than him. I grew up listening to her music which was kind of alternative and really colorful rock. There were people like Queen, The Beatles, George Michael and Sting. Then from my dad, I was listening to his buddies like The Rat Pack and Sinatra. There were also people like Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald. I like to think my show is the best combination of all of them.

What music is your favorite right now?
I love Lady Gaga. I love all of the people I have covered while with Postmodern Jukebox. There are so many. If I were in my car right now, I would be listening to George Michael right now though. I have been inconsolable since he died. He was such a huge influence on my music and performing. I never had a chance to meet him but I feel like ha was a family member. I was so obsessed with his music for so long. I have been listening to him on total repeat since he passed away. He was so colorful and such a showman.

What is your favorite part of performing with Postmodern Jukebox?
Well, Scott Bradlee and I really bonded over our love for old school showmanship, variety and the glamour of vintage music. I just love being able to share that vision with everyone. They are the biggest vaudeville act in the world right now. They have really paved the way for artist like me who have a very similar passion for that type of music. It gives me the opportunity to really reach an audience that I might not have otherwise.

Do you have a short elevator speech to convince someone new to come see your show?
It is the most glamorous, glittery and entertaining one hour and a few minutes that you will see in your damn life. You better get down there. It is such a fun show! There are so many laughs. We tell jokes. We touch each other, sometimes literally. It is just so much fun!

You have to catch this show with Ariana Savalas. Get tickets here if they aren’t sold out. Some tickets may be available at the Teatro Zinzanni ticket window.



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