10 Signs Your Body Just Isn’t Playing Ball

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Life is busy and the world is a stressful place to be, which means that you need to be paying attention to the things that your mind and body are telling you. If you’re tired all of the time, you’re going to feel constantly exhausted in your bones. It’s a whole other level of tired – you’re not just sleepy, you’re burnt out and you deserve so much more than that!

Sometimes, you want to smile. You want to get out there and enjoy yourself but it just doesn’t work because you’re still feeling sad, depressed and tired. You’re still feeling as if you’re doing too much for too many people for far too long. Instead of feeling this way, you should figure that you need to meet your needs – for a change! You have to look at how you are managing your feelings and that means that you need to give your soul some rest. Meeting your needs isn’t a bad thing especially if you are finding yourself researching a guide to stopping hair loss because the stress and exhaustion is causing a mass exodus from your scalp. You deserve better and there are ten signs that you should look out for that tell you that your body is struggling. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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1. Your body reacts physically. We talked about hair loss, but the unexplainable aches and pains are another thing that you have to think about. Tension, dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, headaches – none of these are normal things to experience! If you are noticing these, you need to assess your environment and start looking at whether or not you have any reason to head to the doctor. The body is smart and will tell you when things aren’t feeling right – listen to yourself. Your gut is to be trusted!

2. You aren’t loving yourself. Sometimes, the burnout doesn’t manifest itself physically. Sometimes, it’s a mental hurdle. This hurdle is evident when you are no longer loving yourself properly. When you’re feeling less than confident and you’re not accepting of yourself, your body is struggling. You need to feel checked in with your body and it’s important that you remember your mind, too.

3. You find new things difficult. Life is full of chops and changes and if you’re not looking after yourself, you will find those changes very difficult to manage. You need to be able to remain resilient over the life changes that come your way without feeling weak and burdened. In fact, the smallest of changes can be a struggle, but they don’t have to be! You can handle whatever is thrown at you!

4. You can’t let the toxicity go. Do you know how much damage you’re doing to yourself when you hold onto toxic relationships? It’s hard to say goodbye to people, but if there are those who have been in your life for a while who aren’t serving your soul anymore, you really do need to let them go. Don’t invite anyone who diminishes your value; make sure that you are paying attention to what you need. Your body will not react favorably when it feels attacked; and toxic people attack.

5. You’re not sleeping. This is a classic sign your body is struggling. Sleep is a must and you should be able to get your head down at the end of the night and relax properly. If you are dealing with feeling restless, you need to learn how to calm your mind enough to be able to relax. When life is intense, you should think about simple tips to help you to get some rest for a change. You can focus your mind long enough to sleep and you will benefit from that in the end.

6. You let your emotions cloud your judgment. Do you have depression and anxiety creeping in every time you try to think clearly? These shouldn’t be your driving force, but when your soul is tired, you are going to feel it in your emotions. These should not be controlling your movements and clouding your judgment. You should be feeling as if you can function and you cannot function on negative energy. Highly sensitive individuals tend to be ruled by their emotions, so get some therapy and try to get your body back in balance.

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7. You’re saying yes because you can’t say no. When you don’t want to do something, you will feel it in your mind and body. You need to stop saying yes to things that you don’t want to do and start saying no to people who don’t serve your peace. Deciding to do things that you really don’t want to do isn’t good for your mind or body – so stop doing it. Work on techniques to be stronger and stand up for yourself. You’re the only you that you get.

8. You feel lonely. That exhaustion we talked about earlier? It sinks into your bones and prevents you from feeling happy. When this happens, you feel lonelier than ever before. Instead of giving into that feeling of loneliness, you want to embrace yourself and feel happier and more balanced than ever. Your body will react to the stress of loneliness, and you won’t thank yourself for it!

9. You are getting sicker. Did you know that stress can lower your immune system? When this happens, you tend to get sicker more often! Your body will invite every single germ and bacteria and this will make you feel worse over time.

10. You feel fearful. When you are afraid, you activate the fight and flight responses in your body. Instead of panicking about this, you should learn what these feelings mean and be aware of how your body is feeling when they occur. Instead of spending time thinking about the things that could go wrong, you need to think about the things that can and will go right for you instead!

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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